Candelabra set up tips

Ok, so you've purchased a candelabra (or you've made one) and now you are ready to set it up. Here are a few tips in creating a beautiful set up!

First - find a great place for your candelabra! It might help to have it on a rolling table if you'd like to have it on display in one area of the room and then moved for the ceremony.

Look around and behind the are you've chosen. Avoid exit signs, door frames and direct lighting. Never place your candelabra directly under vents. Here's why: candles and drafts do work well together. If you place your candles under an active vent you might have a hard time keeping them lit. It's best to find an alternate spot.

The table looks best draped. White cloths help your candleabra really steal the show.

If you've purchased a candeabra from The Party Place LI and had it shipped, carefully unpack your name first. Then the base. Names are fragile so handle with care. We add dowels to the name and holes into the base so you can easily insert the name into the base.

Candles: Take time to straighten them out in the candleholder. Crooked candles can ruin the look of any candelabra.

My styrofoam name is broken! Now what? This is usually an easy fix. Here is what you need:

1.Glue gun set to LOW. Hot glue will melt styro.


Place the name on a flat surface. Line up the name with the broken piece so you know the placement. Cut a toothpick in half. Place the toothpick half way into the name. Add some glue. Slide the broken piece onto the name as it is on a flat surface. Hold in place for about 20 seconds. Let is sit for a few minutes. You should be good to go!

We always recommend putting your centerpiece together at the event rather than traveling with it in tact.